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Repair or Replace?

Posted by: Jacob Hoffmeister 7 years ago


It’s easy to make the decision to repair an appliance when it needs minor repairs early in its life. However, as the age of your appliance increases and you encounter more serious problems, one begins to wonder whether it makes sense to purchase a new appliance. Before you make the decision, you should consider these following:

  1. Can you fix it yourself? Some common appliances problems are simple enough to be handled by the consumer provided that proper precautions are taken. Check out our repair guides for some assistance!
  2. Is the appliance still under warranty? The standard manufacturer’s warranty for appliances covers the parts and labor costs for repairs for one year. If you purchased a luxury appliance, a floor model, or an extended warranty, your appliance’s warranty could extend beyond one year. Certain appliance parts are warrantied beyond the standard warranty of the appliance – a refrigerator’s compressor, for example. It is in your best interest to verify the warranty status of your appliance with the manufacturer and the retailer from whom you purchased the appliance before making a decision to replace your appliance or choose an appliance repair company.
  3. How old is the appliance? As your appliance reaches the end of its life, it makes sense to replace it once you run into major repairs. Technological advances enable modern appliances to run more efficiently than their ancestors. Refer to the following chart to determine whether to replace your appliances. If your appliance requires a major repair and is approaching the end of its lifespan, it probably makes sense to replace the appliance. If your appliance is a luxury or built-in appliance, add 2-3 years to account for the additional cost of replacement.
  4. What is the cost of the repair? Minor repairs should typically be completed until the end of the appliance’s expected lifespan. When you encounter major repairs – like compressor failures, washing machine transmission failures and the like, replacement is worth considering. Regardless of what the problem is, a professional diagnosis should be considered before replacement. What seems like a total compressor failure could be something as comparatively simple and economical as a relay or main board replacement.
Life Expectancy (Years)
Low High Average
Microwaves 5 10 8
Ranges, electric 13 20 16
Ranges, gas 15 23 19
Ranges, hoods 9 19 14
Washers 8 16 12
Dryers, electric 11 18 14
Dryers, gas 11 16 13
Dishwashers 9 16 12
Food waste dispposers 10 15 13
Freezers 12 20 16
Compactors 7 12 11

Kitchen and laundry appliances are essential to the operation of the modern American home. If you encounter the need for a repair within your appliance’s expected lifespan, we hope you’ll consider an appliance repair company like ours to get your appliances up and running as quickly as possible and with the level of respect that you and your home deserve.

Still can’t decide? Call one of our support representatives at 877-365-8930 or e-mail us.

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