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Repair for Maytag Performance Series

Posted by: Jacob Hoffmeister 6 years, 9 months ago


Together, Whirlpool and Maytag emerge a more compelling company positioned to deliver the most innovative portfolio of products and services to consumers throughout the world. Together, they will continue to find new ways to delight consumers while striving to fulfill their vision of “Every Home . . . Everywhere with Pride, Passion and Performance.”

Maytag Performance Series MHWE201YW


Maytag Performance Series MHWE201YW27″ Front-Load Washer with 3.5 cu. ft. Capacity, 12 Wash Cycles, Allergen/Whites Cycle, Clean Washer Cycle, PowerWash and IntelliFill Sensor: White

Now more than ever, they believe that their bold innovation and designs will connect with consumers in meaningful ways that will last a lifetime.


Product Features

Best Cleaning In Its Class Enabled by Power Wash

  • Enabled by the Power Wash cycle, this washer provides the best cleaning in its class.
  • Among leading brands, 4.0 cu. ft. I.E.C. capacity or less without heater, comparable cycles, using default settings.

PowerWash Cycle

3.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity

ENERGY STAR Qualified – CEE Tier III Rated

Maytag Commercial Technology

10-Year Limited Warranty On Washer Motor and Basket

Fresh Spin

Advanced Vibration Control

  • Gap dampers and springs to minimize movement of the wash drum during spin cycle.
  • Additional padding muffles washer noise and also cushions vibration.
  • Plus, enhanced software adjusts load distribution reducing vibration and noise.

Reinforced, 6-Rib, Commercial-Grade Washer Belt

  • This washer belt features 6 grooves for enhanced grip and is reinforced with metal to provide long-lasting strength and reliability.

1,200 RPM Spin Speed

IntelliFill Water Level Sensor

  • Select washers use built-in sensors to detect the load size and automatically adjust water usage, which helps save resources.

Sensor-Controlled Suds Detection

IntelliTemp Automatic Temperature Control

Variable Temperature Settings

  • Provides wash and rinse temperature options for a variety of load types.

Selectable Spin Speeds

  • The spin speed is automatically selected based on the wash cycle chosen.
  • However, the spin speed can be changed if necessary.

12 Automatic Cycles

Clean Washer Cycle with Afresh

  • Use this cycle once a month with Afresh washer cleaner, to eliminate odor-causing soap residue and mildew that can build up as a result of regular everyday washing.
  • This cycle uses a higher water level and hot water to remove buildup.

Whites Cycle

  • Cleans loads of soiled white fabrics with the addition of bleach.
  • An additional rinse helps to remove any remaining chlorine residue.
  • Uses hot temperatures, fast tumbling, longer wash times and an extra-high spin speed for optimal cleaning. Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Wash Basket

Delicate Cycle

  • Low-speed tumbling and a medium-speed spin help to gently clean and reduce wrinkles on special fabrics such as those labeled Permanent Press or No-iron.

Heavy-Duty Cycle

  • Fast speed tumbling, increased wash time and an extra-high spin speed combine to deliver excellent cleaning for heavily soiled items.

Allergen Removal Washer Cycle

  • A washer cycle that has been proven to eliminate 95% of common allergens, such as dust mites and pet dander, from fabrics.

Cold Wash Cycle

Extra Rinse Option

Delay Start Option

Control Lockout

3-Tray Dispenser Drawer (Detergent, Bleach and Fabric Softener)

Front Serviceable

Steel Side Panels

  • Zinc-coated steel panels prevent rust and corrosion from developing on the sides of the washer.

Common Problems for Maytag Performance Series MHWE201YW


One of the common things that can go wrong with your washer appliance is the motor. The washer motor is the central component that drives the entire device. Without it, nothing would work. Other problems include drainage issues, electrical issues and drum issues. For more information and professional help, call A Bargain Appliance Repair at.

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