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Problems you mostly encounter with GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator

Posted by: Jacob Hoffmeister 7 years, 8 months ago


No matter how you look at it, the GE Monogram Collection puts the kitchen of your dreams within the realm of possibility. With three distinct styles and seemingly endless options for customization, only Monogram gives you complete freedom to follow your vision.

Monogram integrated appliances reflect a mindset that says, “Fine design endures.” Shaped and polished to seamless perfection, these sleekly styled appliances capture the essence of timeless sophistication.

GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator ZFSB25DXSS

GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator ZFSB25DXSS

24.6 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator with Spillproof Glass Shelves, Integrated Ice System, Quick Ice/TurboCool Settings and External Ice/Water Dispenser

Monogram professional appliances offer a slightly different angle on appliance design. Lustrous, premium-grade stainless steel with chamfered, hand-finished edges makes a powerfully compelling statement that translates boldly and beautifully to any decor.

Monogram custom-panel appliances provide the perfect canvas for creative expression in the kitchen. Start with a refrigerator or dishwasher, personalize it with a panel of your liking and – voila! – you have something stylish, artful and uniquely you.

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