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Lasting Repair for Maytag Jetclean Plus Series MDB7749SB

Posted by: Jacob Hoffmeister 7 years, 6 months ago


For over 100 years, you’ve heard a lot about their drum rollers and drawer gaskets, their belts and hinges – the commercial grade parts they put inside their appliances. Those parts matter. They make their machines among the most dependable washers, ranges and refrigerators around.

Maytag Jetclean Plus Series MDB7749SB 

Full Console Dishwasher with 14-Place Settings, 6 Wash Cycles, Jet Clean Plus Steam Cycle, 6 Options, Steam Santize, 4-Blade Hard Food Disposer and 50 dBA

Clean dishes start with better built parts. And with the 2X Life tested motor and a 10-year limited parts warranty, this is an ENERGY STAR qualified dishwasher you can count on. There’s no need to rinse off dried-on food thanks to the ToughScrub option and a powerful 4-blade stainless steel chopper. For even more cleaning power, the Jetclean Plus Steam cycle blasts off food particles with high-pressure spray jets and then adds the finishing touch of steam to clean and reduce spots on glassware. The Auto Clean cycle also uses sensors that monitor soil levels to help get dishes clean. Plus, the 100% stainless steel tub looks great, fights corrosion and improves drying performance.


Product Features

Jetclean Plus Steam Cycle

  • Cleans everything from your messiest pans to your finest stemware. High pressure spray jets and increased temperatures power off tough, stuck-on food while finishing steam helps clean and reduce spots on glassware.

4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper

  • Pulverizes food, preventing food, preventing particles from plugging the wash system and spray jets.

Industries Most Powerful Motor Available

  • Strengthened by the industry’s most powerful motor available, each cycle blasts away tough soils for clean dishes the first time.

2X Life Tested Motor

  • The motor has been tested to twice the average dishwashers life expectancy to deliver years of dependable cleaning.

Maytag’s Quietest Dishwashers Ever

  • Peace of mind meets peace and quiet with dependable dishwashers that are Maytag brand’s quietest ever at 50 dBA.

Tiered Upper Rack

  • With an improved design, this upper rack holds tall items like 9″ plates and glasses while providing easy access.

Auto Clean Cycle

  • Gauges the soil level of the load, then automatically adjusts temperature, wash time and the number of fills accordingly. This helps achieve optimal cleaning without overusing resources.

Energy Star Qualified

  • Use less water and energy than standard models helping to save money on utility bills.


Common Repairs Rendered on Maytag Jetclean Plus Series MDB7749SB:

  • Dishwasher Leaves White Film On Dishes
  • Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser Problems
  • Smartdispense Dishwasher Not Dispensing Detergent
  • Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes
  • Dishwasher Not Draining
  • Dishwasher leaking
  • Dishwasher not running

It is important to scrape and rinse your dishes to ensure the best dishwasher performance.  This is more important with newer dishwashers because newer dishwashers use a low volume water wash. What this means is the holes in the wash arms are a lot smaller than they use to be, therefore it doesn’t take much to clog them up. For best tips and optimum dishwasher performance, schedule now your regular appliance check-up and tune-up with A Bargain Appliance Repair. Call now at 877-365-8930!

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