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How to Service the Dryer Motor

Posted by: Jacob Hoffmeister 7 years, 8 months ago


A humming noise is often associated with motor failure in a dryer. There are three common reasons that the motor might fail, which are lack of lubrication, worn bearings, or defective switch. You can check and service these parts on your own by following the steps provided below

  • To check the dryer motor, remove the back access panel
  • See if the area of the drum, motor pulley, or idler arm pulley is clogged with dirt or lint.
  • Check if the belts are worn out or damaged. If the belt is not the problem, try using a fan belt dressing to stop the noise. You can find this at most hardware stores.
  • Switch on the dryer. It’s normal to hear some noise, which might come from the spinning drum.
  • Use a little 20-weight non-detergent motor oil around the motor shaft edges. The lubrication could stop the humming noise. Make sure not to use all-purpose oil. If this solves the problem, you are done. If not, check if the centrifugal switch is faulty.
  • If your dryer model has switches that are externally mounted, see if the terminals are not burned or loose. If they are, replace these switches.
  • Pull or tug at the pulley. If you can’t turn it, or if you are experiencing difficulties, the dryer might have worn out bearings.
  • Replace the faulty motor. Most motors have overload protectors and a reset button on the control panel. Press this and see if the dryer starts working again.
  • If not, check for any overload protector. You can test the protector using a VOM set on an RX1 scale. Proper readings should register a zero.
  • If you get high readings, replacement of the faulty protector is in order.
  • The protector can be removed by prying it off or using a screwdriver to pop it off the motor housing.
  • The same size and type of overload protector should be used. Ensure that it is connected the same way.

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