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How to Service the Drum Rollers

Posted by: Jacob Hoffmeister 7 years, 2 months ago


The dryer will not work properly if the drum is not supported by two rollers. These rollers or wheels are usually made of metal with a rubber or nylon rim. These rollers can wear out and prevent the dryer from functioning properly. You can service dryer drum rollers by following these steps


  • If the rollers squeak but the dryer is still functioning properly, use a few drops of non-detergent motor oil. However, if the rollers are worn, replacement might be necessary.
  • Take off the front of the cabinet. You can see the rollers held by a spring clip to the metal shaft.
  • Remove these rollers. Pry the spring clip using a screwdriver to get them out.
  • Locate the washer under the clip, and another one under the rollers. If needed, remove a small nut located at the back of the shaft.
  • Remove the rollers from the shaft, then proceed by cleaning any lint or dirt build-up. If the rollers cannot be reached, remove the shaft itself.
  • Install the new rollers. Make sure that you replace the rollers and the washers properly.

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