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How to Remove Soap Residue on Dishes

Posted by: Jacob Hoffmeister 7 years, 9 months ago


The dishwasher is used to clean the dishes, but sometimes it could leave residue on your plates. This might be because of the detergent you use. Here’s how you can clean the dishwasher easily:

  • Before doing anything, first see if running the dishwasher a second time can remove the white residue left by cleaning agents. This time, instead of using detergent, use unsweetened lemonade powder instead.

  • In the chance that step one doesn’t work, try using full strength vinegar. Fill the dishes or pans with vinegar.

  • Let the dishes soak overnight and wash them out the next morning. You can use soft cloth for everything, but a scouring pad works best for any stubborn residue spots.

  • If some residue is still left, try repeating everything until your problem is gone.

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